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Tom is a fantastic coach with great knowledge of how to get the best out of his players. He tailors great 1 on 1 sessions to the needs of the player depending on what they want to work on. His in depth knowledge of the game helps to make sure you know how each skill, each drill and each repetition will help you in a real game situation. Can’t rate him highly enough!

Tyler Miney

Tom has been training Fiamma for 2 years now and it has been an amazing experience. He always pushes her to do her best, to improve and to challenge herself, knowing what she has to work on. He has helped her to be more confident and gave her a great tactical view of the game. He is a great coach, always positive, dedicated and caring.

Silvia Marchi

I’ve played for different amateur football teams, and I can say in my honest opinion Coach Tom is one of the best that has ever coached me. His experience coupled with discipline and well rounded knowledge of the game has made him a great coach to have, and above all he is a good teacher, he makes difficult training drills easy to understand and execute.

Samuel Inyang

One paragraph can’t describe the impact Coach Tom has had in a lot of players and the huge impact he has had in players including me during the time I was under his wings. Great understanding of the game. He’s not extremely loud but his presence affects everyone in the room in a positive way and takes great concern in listening and helping players on and off the field . Coach Tom is relaxed but disciplined and quite strict yet approachable (lol it’s hard to have all those qualities in one person).

And above all an amazing person .

Abdul Azong

Coach Tom possesses every quality you’d want in a great coach. He’s passionate, very disciplined, motivational, understanding and always pushing your limits. I personally joined Stoke City Men’s Team Shanghai to play under him because I believed he provided the environment for learning and growth in order to be able to get to the next level and I’m fortunate to say I’ve had zero regrets about my decision. He’s truly one of the best coaches, if you get to chance to be coached by him your results will speak for themselves.

David Mills

Tom’s training session was always fun to attend; I really enjoyed the time that I spent with Tom and my teammates at the time. Those sessions were comprehensive; Tom would prepare drills and activities that develop us as all-around football players, working on our skills, tactics awareness, physical ability and improving team cohesion. I am glad to have met such a professional coach and I’ve learned a lot from him. After a few months of training with Tom, I am sure you’ll see how much progress you have made as a footballer!

Seiko Chiba

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