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Football Specific Coaching was created by Tom Watmough with a vision and a ceaseless commitment to making professional football coaching easy and accessible. With almost 15 years of coaching experience and UEFA recognized qualifications, Football Specific Coaching has the knowledge to tailor a program to fit whatever suits you, from beginners to elite players.  


Tom Watmough was born in England but has spent time and coached in the US and China in a variety of roles. Read more below


Previous Coaching Experience


Stoke City FC Shanghai (Head Coach) - Head of a program that consisted of running 15 teams and 48 sessions/matches per week as well as overseeing 5 other coaches and running coaches education sessions. Here, FSC started a community academy running alongside the Stoke City academy that now has over 400 local Chinese players in. We also started a league that hosted youth teams from all over Shanghai at our facility. FSC started a men's and women's team with the men's team competing in a semi-professional league in Shanghai. 

TED Sports (Director of Coaching)After moving to China Football Specific Coaching met a group of enthusiastic people who wanted to set up an academy in their city. Tom Watmough became director of coaching for that academy who now have 6 other coaches working at that club and a wide range of players from 4-16 years old. The 11-16 year old teams now compete in some of the biggest leagues and tournaments in Shanghai.


TSF Academy (Coach) - Football Specific Coaching was in New Jersey working as a coach for TSF Academy who are affiliated with New York City FC (NYCFC). Here, Tom gained a lot of experience from coaching recreation, disability sessions, travel and also EDP Academy teams. Tom ended up being the coach of an EDP U9 girls team alongside assistant coach of a U23 EDP women's team and a U15 EDP boy's team taking us to various tournaments all over New Jersey and neighboring states. 


Coventry University (Coach)While playing at university Football Specific Coaching also set up an academy team there consisting of players that hadn't passed the trials but still wanted to push to move up to the university team. The training sessions were intense as everyone wanted to make the team and at times there were 30+ players at practice. While doing that Tom Watmough also helped to set up a league at the university where these players could play against each other and also arranged some games against other universities that had a similar program.

Local Teams (Coach)While growing up playing football in the local area in the UK (Deal, Kent), Football Specific Coaching coached some of the younger local teams as a part-time coach. As Tom Watmough went off to university in the later years he would also come back and help the local U21 team as much as possible as well as playing for them.

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